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Geographic Information System

Mobile editing for the Piacenza Catasto Strade

May 2021 - ongoing

Definition of an integrated procedure for the in situ data collection in a multi-user mobile environment. The goal of the project is to develop a workflow for a more efficient update of the Catasto Strade, the road infrastructure database at the provincial scale.
Tools: QGIS, Qfield, PostGIS, Input
Partners: Provincia di Piacenza

Digitization of urban planning procedures in Bobbio (PC)

December 2020 - ongoing

Development and implementation of procedures in GIS environment for the management of geo-referenced information flows with open-source tools. Digitization of the local strategic plan (PRG) and its integration with cadastral data in order to simplify routine procedures dealing with geospatial data.
Tools: QGIS, Python
Partners: Comune di Bobbio

Natural disaster impact analysis parsing geo-tagged social media post

October 2019 - September 2020

Master thesis project focused on on the computation of possible geo-statistical and temporal analysis on Twitter posts published during the hurricane Florence emergency that occurred in the United States of America in 2018. The spatial and temporal distribution of geolocated posts has been analysed at different scales, exploring the composition of the Social Media Geographic Information dataset, and identifying at a global scale the areas characterized by a higher level of social media activity. More detailed geostatistical analyses have been performed in order to evaluate the significance of the given geolocated tweets with respect to the natural disaster.
Tools: Python, MATLAB, QGIS, ArcGIS
Full text - Presentation

Geostatistical indexes computation for geotagged tweets
Tweets kernel density compared to total rainfall
Temporal distribution of hurricane-related tweets in the Carolinas

Geo-tagged social media post patterns in the attendance of fair

April 2017 - September 2017

Bachelor thesis project focused on the use of some possible spatial and statistical analysis that can be performed thanks to the geographical information associated to Instagram posts related to Expo 2015, an event of international appeal held in Milan in the exhibition area of Rho Fiera Milano. The data, coming from the social network based on the publication of images, were studied thanks to the use of Geographic Information System (GIS). The results of the different operations are considered in relation to the context of the event and the territory.
Tools: ArcGIS, QGIS, OpenStreetMap
Full Text [ITA] - Presentation [ITA]

Instagram post for EXPO 2015 Pavilion
Tweets kernel density compared to total rainfall
Complete Instagram dataset

Collaborative Mapping

Informal settlements in Bogotá

December 2020 - July 2021

Design and coordination of the PoliMappers project focused on Slums upgrading in the border between Bogotá and Soacha. The collaboration consisted in three steps consisting in the coordination of the collection of streetlevel imagery on field, mapping of target features (healthcare places, shops and amenities) in OpenStreetMap and proximity analysis and statistics computation on the distribution of features in the case study area. The crowdsourced data, collected on field in Colombia and collaboratively digitised remotely during a so-called mapathon, were used as input for the computation of social and environmental SDGs indexes in the informal settlements.
Tools: QGIS, Mapillary, OSM, OverpassTurbo
Partners: PoliMappers, IMMDesignLab, TECHO Colombia, YouthMappers, Semillero GeoLab UdeA

Street-level imagery acquisition
Meetings and training with the international partners based in Bogotá
Mapping activities in the area of Bogotá

Articles about the project: Politecnico website.

Architecture for Smart City Piacenza

February - June 2020

Collaboration with IMMDesignLab for the Architecture for Smart City course at Politecnico di Milano - Piacenza campus introducing 80 students to the use and application of Volunteered Geographic Information and open geospatial data using Mapillary and OpenStreetMap for mapping shops in Piacenza. The project was a focal component of the laboratory part of the course adopting blended teaching model.
Tools: QGIS, Mapillary, OSM
Partners: PoliMappers, IMMDesignLab

Articles about the project: YouthMappers

3D inspections of infrastructures

Dams inspections in Calabria

September - December 2021

Topographic and laser scanning surveys in the Sila national park area in the context of the dam inspections for Lake Arvo and Savuto in the municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore and Parenti (CS).
Tools:Agisoft Metashape, CloudCompare, Potree
Partners: A2A

Inspection activity at Diga di Nocelle
Total station on field at Lago Savuto
Street-level view of Diga di Nocelle

Bridges inspections in Piacenza

February - June 2021, February 2022 - ongoing

Support to the monitoring activities of bridges with topographic, laser scanning and drone surveys in the municipalities of Cortemaggiore, Lugagnano Val d'Arda, Castell'Arquato and Carpaneto Piacentino. Drones images postprocessing, 3D model restitution and Bridge Management System (BMS) development.
Tools: Agisoft Metashape, CloudCompare, QGIS, Potree
Partners: Provincia di Piacenza

Multistation on field in Castell'Arquato
3D model restitution in Agisoft Metashape for Lugagnago Val d'Arda
BMS developed for the bridge located in Cortemaggiore

Articles about the project: La Libertà Piacenza [ITA]

Spatial data visualization

Interactive maps for IlTermopolio

May 2021 - ongoing

Development of interactive visual spatial storytelling as part of a collaboration with IlTermopolio, cultural association and webzine based in Pisa. The web maps are developed in an open-source environment and illustrate set locations of given movies. The final products, alongside printable versions, are embedded in focus articles on the website.
Tools: QGIS, UMap, OpenStreetMap, Inkscape
Partners: IlTermopolio

#30DayMapChallenge 2021 - Community Challenge

November 2021

Contribution to the 2021 edition of #30DayMapChallenge, a daily mapping / cartography / data visualization challenge created by Topi Tjukanov aimed at the spatial community active on social media platforms. The main idea of the 30-days-long-initiative is to publish maps from specific topics on specific days following a schedule of topics and data sources indicated on the official website. All the 30 contributions are available on the dedicated web space.
Tools: QGIS, OverPass Turbo, Inkscape, Mapillary Services, Aerialod, MATLAB, WikiData Query Service, Kepler.gl, Blender, Google Earth Engine, GIMP, uMap, github, TweetDeck